Internal Communications Case Studies


Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Subscription Services

Business Challenge:  

The Company was growing rapidly adding headcount every week.  With a highly technical product and service offering, the Company needed to provide ongoing training and additional product knowledge to its customer facing teams, so they could stay ‘top of game’ with both clients and prospects.

The Solution:  

The Company developed a comprehensive multi-level training intranet site to promote and encourage learning for its sales staff.  The site housed detailed sales battle cards comparing the competition’s offerings feature-by-feature as well as competitive comparison collateral, which sales used to gain the upper hand in bake-off situations.  In addition, the Company developed PowerPoint slides and interactive demos with scripts and a flexible slide database to promote and reuse industry specific pitches and demos.  As a result of the investment in training, the sales and technical account teams consistently outperformed targets quarter-after-quarter, enabling the Company to grow from US$14 to US$70 million in revenue, 44 to 220 employees, and 210 to 450 clients within three short years, which culminated in a US$370 million acquisition by Akamai.


Healthcare IT: Software, Hardware and Services

Business Challenge:  

With the upcoming release of a new technology platform and product suite, the Company needed a streamlined process to quickly educate, inform and prepare employees.

The Solution:  

An integrated employee communications program was designed to support the creation of a new Intranet site, which contained everything from marketing and sales support tools to extensive product training presentations, webinars, podcasts and interactive demos. To drive traffic to the site, weekly e-newsletters were issued along with videos, podcasts and blogs. Additional programs included teaser emails and posters to generate excitement as well as informational "Did You Know" Fast Facts and training sessions.


Global Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing

Business Challenge:  

With more than 75,000 employees based in more than 30 countries working from home offices, regional headquarters and client sites, it became a challenge to rapidly and cost-effectively inform and educate staff about new products and services. 

The Solution:  

Using a variety of electronic mediums, internal launches were created to help inform, educate and prepare employees for new product and service offerings. Campaigns included e-newsletters, posters, HTML mailers, interactive webcasts, videos and blogs.

Michael E. Donner - A Chief Marketing Exec - Resume (pdf)